Sermon – Give God the Rest (Mark 2: 27), 講道 – 將安息獻給神 (馬可福音 2:27)

Rev. Melazzo 從馬可福音 2 章 27節中學習,與會衆分享自己從安息日中如何活出基督徒的生命,再令人好奇問我們問題。當我們認識社區 與社區連結時也能因為與別不同而令人感興趣。

馬可福音2: 27

You may think that you have answered the question of whether God will be Lord of your work and your busyness, but will He be lord of your rest? If you can’t rest from your work, can’t stop your toil, can’t set aside your power, then you can’t give it to God, because you don’t own it, it owns you. Because until He’s the Lord over your rest, He’s probably not the Lord over the rest, either.
Will you give God your rest? Will you receive the life God wants you to live? Will you, by resting, live a questionable life, so that those people we encounter as we explore and connect in the community can see that we’re not like them, and can join us as we find rest, together, in Christ? He wants to be Lord over your rest, so that He can be the Lord over the rest, also.